From the Coordinator


Hello Sabercat Nation!

The program at Saguaro is AWESOME! By now, you probably have heard that we have three alumni playing for our hometown Arizona Cardinals. You also may have heard that we are ranked #10 nationally among US high schools.

This is no accident. Behind every great program is a dedicated, passionate group of volunteers making sure the players, coaches and staff don’t have to think of anything else but what is THEIR respective job.

Volunteering is an excellent way to get to know the players, coaches and staff. More importantly is an opportunity to plug into a community of parents striving for a great high school football experience for each of their boys and collective teams.

As requests go out for volunteers, pull out your calendar and sign up AT LEAST TWICE-yep, twice. There is enough to be done that everyone can do more than one thing. You don’t need to miss your son’s game in order to work in the snack bar. If your son is a Freshman player, volunteer at a home Varsity or JV game. Likewise, if you have a Senior or Junior, volunteer for a Freshman or JV game.

During the football season, we have specialty nights during our home Varsity games (TUG night, Homecoming, Senior Night), that we will need help organizing and staffing.

Keep your eyes peeled for more volunteer opportunities. Can’t wait to meet you all—GO CATS!!

Terri DeChesaro
(son-Thomas, sophomore)